Product Design + Marketing Design + Research

Assessing end-to-end product experience and delivering streamlined and optimized marketing product experience solutions.
Sizing design deliverables based on research and delivering strategies to support business growth and product evolution.
Designed new mobile products and web app experiences, and managed buildout and product launch.
Owned the website stack for all the companies I had a pleasure to work for.

Brand Design & Strategy

Leading the redesign of projects, companies, brands and mobile products in multiple scale. Previous experience in the US includes Cloud4Wi, Kittyhawk, Inkstinct.
Building out vision and strategy, creating systems that scale from product to marketing.
Building new brand for startups and new products, and supporting their market launch.
Evolving brands to craft the evolution that follow a scale-up change of market.

Design Leadership

Leading initiatives in product design and brand marketing, building mobile products, brands, marketing deliverable, video productions and design systems from scratch.
Setting vision for new brands and recalibrating the vision for evolving brands. Creating teams to deliver on the vision.
Building cross-org partnerships between product, design, marketing and stakeholders to ensure user experience consistency across the end-to-end journey.

Design Team Management

Team management for product, brand, visual design, research, motion graphics, and system design.
Management of distributed and on-site design teams, with +5 direct reports. Responsibility for recruiting, hiring, career coaching, and capacity building.
Building product and brand design from the ground up, including vision setting, identifying new discipline needs, performance management, establishing design process, incorporating design practice into organizational process.
Identified key talent and brought in experts in photography, illustration, motion and development to deliver a high quality experience.

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